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Polygraph Study

Polygraph ™ offers services of lie detection to solve thefts, adultery and crime or to protect one`s honour and dignity.

Liars detection

Lie detector is a proven and effective tool for truth verification or lie, fraud and theft detection.

Through a lie detector or "polygraph" and a crime expert psychophysiologist, with years of experience, we learn the truth with accuracy of over 98.70% in just 2 hours.

Polygraph ™ is the first and only Bulgarian company offering detection of lie using an ISRAELI polygraph of highest accuracy. Our specialists have completed a RUSSIAN School of Lie Detection. All other companies offering polygraph services in Bulgaria work with self-made or American equipment.

What is a polygraph?

What is a lie detector?

Polygraph servicesA polygraph or lie detector is a device by means of which it is possible to understand the truth about things that a person hides. Polygraph services enable the detection of crime, infidelity, it shows the loyalty of employees and contributes to the protection of one`s honour and dignity.

What does a polygraph measure?

Since the establishment of the polyphysiological device by John Larson in 1921, the polygraph has been repeatedly advanced. The modern lie detector allows for psychophysiological study, through which is fixed the modification of multiple physiological parameters such as sweat intensity, blood pressure, breathing frequency, heartbeat and others.

The history of a polygraph

Lie detection prices and services

Standard psychophysiological study with one significant question at a cost of 98 BGN - lowest price for lie detection with guaranteed quality and reliability.

When checking more persons suspected of crime or testing of job applicants we offer discount and an opportunity for visit on our part.

For each additional set significant question on a different subject, a customer is charged 26 BGN.

To study foreign language speaking persons the polygraph test is performed together with a provided by us interpreter. This in its turn increases the cost of the procedure but does not decrease its accuracy.

Lie detection- the process


When you decide to take advantage of the polygraph is convened a meeting between you (the client) and a specialist from our company to discuss all information on the case.

Of great importance is to provide all possible facts and details because it helps in drawing the assignment.

Drawing the assignment

After we discuss with you all the details and the ultimate goal, we compile an action plan that shall meet the needs of the assignment. We prepare a list of the necessary questions and significant topics.

Interrogation of the person (polygraph interrogation)

Once you approve our plan of action, we proceed to the actual polygraph examination. The interrogated person shall be informed of all questions which will be asked in advance. The person subjected to polygraph test gives a voluntary consent and signs a required form.

Acquiring results

After completion of the psychophysiological study begins the assessment of the polygrams and establishment of the authenticity of the responses received. The polygrams are subject to an independent assessment by a third qualified person as well.

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Poligraf™ offers services of lie detection nationwide through appointment by phone. We dispose with a mobile polygraph that can be applied in your office. Our office is located in Sofia- Bulgaria, city center near the Central Market Hall. To schedule an appointment please call +359 8999444 55.

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